Diving Eaglehawk Neck

On Sunday Miles and me went to dive Eaglehawk Neck, about an hour drive from Hobart. Eaglehawk neck is a so-called isthmus (basically a narrow piece of land), only 30 m wide, making the Tasman Peninsula a peninsula rather than an island off an island, off an island. On this little connection to mainland Tasmania, a small settlement has formed and a dive center is operating. To add a bit of history, across the neck, the British used to have dogs, which must have been more of the Cerberus rather than Labradoodle kind, chained to posts across the neck, keeping the convicts from escaping the peninsula.

Besides this it is a beautiful piece of land and nowadays a popular holiday destination, which hikes such as the three capes in close proximity, and surf beaches such as Pirates Bay readily available.

The reason we went there though was two have two dives….

A first one playing with New Zealand fur seals.


And a second one close to waterfalls with a lot of caves,  but unfortunately no sea dragons to be found this time, nonetheless it was a beautiful dive…


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