Two weeks India – Wedding Marathon

In need of a relaxing holiday we thought it would be a good idea to join our friends Nisha and Shyams wedding in India…yeah well relaxing…maybe next year…

In very short words, it was loud, busy, hectic, colourful, different, enormous amounts of food, partly relaxed and we were definitely not well prepared…not for the what I suspect revealed itself to be probably the worlds largest traffic jam called India ;-p So in summary it was worth the trip!

The wedding journey started in Bangalore. On our first day we went to explore the city, or well learned how to cross streets, familiarised ourself with Uber, saw a flower show and shocked all our Indian friends by walking for 3 km in the city.

On our second free day, women and men were split up as the women were to receive henna paintings on the palms, while I was sent of with the other western men to the Nandi hills:

On the next day the first round of ceremonies for us to attend commenced…All dressed up in our received traditional clothes we were ready (or as ready as we were going to get)…Unlike what we imagined, there was no dancing involved in the ceremonies, which apparently is a Northern Indian way. So here it was all colours, food, everlasting Indian music, the couple being guided through an eternal set of rituals by a priest and/or family members. Not a second went by that was not captured by the camera team. Observations of all these rituals, which to the untrained eyed sometimes seemed weird, sometimes interesting, sometimes fascinating but mostly different (in a very positive way), were only interrupted by breakfast and lunch. Here though only should probably be ignored given the endless stream of food served on banana leafs presented to us by half naked young men.

Second day celebrations…repeat but take it to the next level, from over the top to somewhere further..


After this first part we went to visit the historic town of Mysore with the summer palace…

The journey continued in Hyderabad…

Ramoji Film Studios…where all the Tollywood magic happens (not a spelling mistake for once…T – from the local language Telugu).

Also in Hyderabad is the absolutely impressive one and only wacky cars museum!

Everything drives…multiple Guinness world records standing around here…a must visit if in Hyderabad!

After all of this and much more…we were ready for some serious relaxing in Goa…


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