A little stroll around Hobart

After meeting up with some of my future colleagues, finishing my medical tests, taking care of all the paper work that needed to be done, getting all kitted for the sea trials and having a first induction onboard Aurora Australis, I was ready for the second induction and to board the vessel in the evening for an early start Friday morning. Unfortunately there are some problems to be solved with the vessel and therefore departure was postponned to Saturday. Somehow this is not surprising to me at all anymore, I am not sure if I ever boarded a vessel and departed on time… Having an extra day at hand I thought I might as well go for a walk (well this is after spending a couple of hours attempting to build a cradle for the calibration spheres, using the famous Armstrong knot). My goal was to go and buy some house shoes to take on board and then take a walk along the Hobart rivulet, marching towards the Cascade brewery, the oldest brewery of Australia. In the end I walked a little further and all shops were closed as it was a public holiday here in Hobart, but I was impressed by how easy it is to end up in the bushes literally from the battery point of Hobart.



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