Camping Tasmania Northwest

capture2Just down in Tasmania for a short visit, with the main goal to calibrate Aurora Australis and get familiar with the vessel before the real voyage down South.Taking advantage of the weekend and an extra day, Ben, Helen and Toby escorted me to the Wild West of Tasmania. At latest when arriving in Queenstown it should be clear to anybody where the Wild West reference is coming from. This town literally looks like taken straight from a spaghetti western. Unfortunately during the entire journey, the weather was not on our side and it was cold, windy and rainy all along the way. Ignoring the weather thanks to Toby’s ingenious camping gear we managed to stay out there in reasonable comfort to not say real comfort. Given the conditions we were forced to skip surfing but therefore managed to get quite a bit of ground covered (roughly 1,000 km in 3 days…). We embarked with the cars on a barge, we went through mountain roads, took some 4×4 tracks, drove on the beach, visited some spectacular beaches, made nice and warm camp fires, visited a local pub, seen snow covered mountain peaks, passed through very Tasmanian valleys, passed through burned down areas from the last devastating bush fires, seen wombats, a quoll, various kangaroos and wallabies, heard possums and what we think were devil noises. Not too bad for a start…


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