Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Gili Air

We went on a short, 1 week break to Indonesia…One of the big benefits of Perth it is pretty close to Indonesia, so after 3.5 hours you are on Bali and if you bought something expensive recently and manage to do a tax reclaim, your flight will be virtually for free…
The first day we arrived in Bali latish in the evening, got a Hotel pickup and stayed in Denpasar…
The next moroning we immediately headed to Sanur, to catch a ferry to Nusa Lembongan. A srufers and divers paradise just half an hour from Bali mainland. After a 4 km walk through the bushes and over the beach we arrived in our resort on the beachfront. Impressed by the tropical plants and temples surrounding us on our journey we went for a diving trip the next morning. After the diving we went on to hire a scooter and explore the island, with it’s tropical beaches in the South and the mangroves in the North.

The next morning we headed to Gili Air, a tropical island as it is depicted in magazines…and by this I literally mean the way it is depicted in your mind…The island used to just live of the coconut trade but now it’s main income comes from tourism. There’s still no cars or scooters on the island, just bikes and horses.
Strengthend by a banana pancake and some Bali coffee on the beach in the mrning we went for a new diving trip. After the dive we went for a little walk and for dinner on the northern part of the beach to sit on the beach with a very big fire, to have a grilled fish…

For the last part of our little trip we went back to Bali to stay in Seminyak and get an impression of the busy Bali (still outside of the tourist season though). Instead of taking the initially planned booked tour we decided to go for a self guided tour and walk trough Denpasar, to look at some temples and get a feeling for the city. Fighting against the heat we enjoyed a very good but exhausting day in the city. For dinner we went to a restaurant with some Blainese dancers and a cover band playing soul and funk classics afterwards, ending up to be playing a private show for us…the only remaining customers…
On the last morning we just went for a nice little lunch in a small warung before heading back to the airport…


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