Penguin Island

On Sunday we payed visit to Penguin Island. A little (~2k circumference), but still the biggest island of the shoalwater group off Rockingham, just 40 km south of Perth. Penguin isalnd, as one might have imagined is home to penguins. It hosts the biggest breeding population of little penguins (estimated to be 1200). Unfortunately they are rather hard to spot, as they are shy animals, quite a few people are visitng the isalnd during the day, when they are hunting in the water most of the time anyway and the island is shut down during the night…Still there is a feeding session one can attend to see the animals up close. Currently they have 10 animals in captivity, but all animals kept here are for some reason not able to survive in the big outside world and the goal always is to release them back out…Besides the penguins, the island is home for many different birds and offers some beautiful snorkeling in the clear waters surrounding the island.



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