Shark Bay

Everybody has been to World Heritage Sites, but Shark Bay is a bit different.. It is a World Heritage Drive ;-)….

Besides the funny naming there are a few nice things to be seen…Strating with the Stromatoites which are cited to be the oldest living whatever you want to call it. But basically what they are is a bunch of cyanobaxteria hanging out together, trapping sediments. At some point they will then be pretty limestones…

Driving further, one reaches Shell beach, which well you can have a guess what it is composed of. This just makes it a very very white beach, which is rather on the shallow side…

Continuing one reaches Eagle Bluff, where with a bit of luck one might spot sharks, dolphins, whales, dugongs or turtles passing by…We didn’t see any of those, but still the view is pretty impressive and only a few meters further we drove down a little path and went for a little walk into the sea, after spotting a kangaroo…

The next stop was Monkey Mia, where we stayed for the night. It is very beautiful beach, with dolphins visiting more or less every morning, to get a little feed of the rangers. At least acording to what they are claiming they are only feeding up to 10% of the dolphins daily intake, and they claim, the dolphins came first and then they started feeding. But they also had to admit that they were overfeeding in the 70s which had not to pleasant consequences for the dolphins, not hunting anymore and getting sick…Besides the dolphins there is more to be seen though, a catamaran took us out and we were able to spot numerous dugongs, rays, and sea turtles…Quite obviously it was turtle mating season…


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